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Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is an audio phenomena in which the supposed voices of spirits are heard on recording devices. It was originally thought that these voices were just part of the background sounds or hissing of tapes, but in recent years they have appeared on digital recording devices as well. Their appearence on digital recording devices, along with recent updates to digital analysis of sounds, have made them far more credible as legitimate paranormal activity.

Evolution of the EVP

In the 1920's in the United States, there was a large spiritual movement taking place. People were looking to all the new sources of technology and psychics to try and understand the afterlife. One of the biggest people main stream society was looking towards was the most prolific inventor of the time, Thomas Edison. In fact in two separate interviews to American Magazine and Scientific America in October of 1920, Edison told interviewers he was working on a devise capable of communicating with the personalities of people who have passed away. Although a device for this purpose created by Edison has never been found, many people believe he did create one and it has been lost to time.

The first true EVP on record was recorded by Friedrich Jurgenson, a filmmaker and artist from sweden, in 1959 while he was making a recording of bird songs. He was so intrigued by the voices he heard, he began taking numerous recording of silent locations trying to catch EVP's. He eventually even published a book on the subject called Voices from Space, in 1964. In 1967 he also published another book called, Radio-Link with the Dead, after having an EVP call him a private nickname that only his dead mother knew.

In 1964 a man by the name of Konstantian Raudive read Jurgenson's book, Voices from Space, and was so intrigued by it, he arranged to meet in person with the author. When they met, Raudive helped Jurgenson conduct his research, and although nothing useful was found for quite a while, Raudive wrote that one night he was listening to a tape and he clearly heard a number of voices speaking in multiple languages. After this Raudive began conducting his own experiments, which lead to over 100,000 audio recordings and took up much of the last 10 years of his life. Over this time period he conducted these experiments with the help of over 400 people and each one of them swears to have heard the voices. This lead to him publish a book in Germany in 1968 named "What is inaudible becomes audible", which was later translated to English in 1971 and the title changed to "Breakthrough". The majority of EVP collecting techniques were invented by Raudive, and in fact EVP's were originally called Raudive Voices. These men's research and study into EVP's and they're sources has helped propel the paranormal field of today.

Tips and tricks on how to record EVP:

1. If your using an analog tape recorder, be sure to purchase name brand tapes. The difference in price between the name brand and the generic store brands is well worth it. The named brand tapes offer higher quality play back.

2. Using an external microphone can help while recording EVP's. Sounds that attached microphones, such as motor noises, can be eliminated by using an external mic being held away from the recorder.

3. When starting an EVP session place your recording device on a level surface away from window and doors. Make sure its also not near any device that may emit sound that could be thought to be paranormal.

4.When beginning a session, stat your name, location, time, date, and weather conditions. Always use a clear, understandable voice tone. All dialogue during an EVP session should be directed towards the entity. Also, try to avoid any voice tone fluctuations, because any low or high pitched sounds could be mistaken for paranormal activity.

5. When recording outdoors, weather permitting (no wind), is a bit more difficult than recording indoors. This is where tagging becomes instrumental because there will be a lot more natural occurrences taking place that will need to be noted. This is good advice when investigating a location such as a cemetery.

6. Remember, ghosts don't come on queue. It can take many hours of EVP sessions to document credible activity. Getting frustrated won't help the situation, always remain calm and be patient.

7. Always be sure to "tag" any natural sounds made by the environment or yourself during an EVP session. So during the analysis these are not mistaken for paranormal.

8. Knowing your recording device's settings is a must. Anything that can amplify its recording ability, you should use.

9. Always remain as quite as possible after asking a question. The frequency spirits speak on is hard enough to hear without having to try to filter background sounds.

10. Many programs have the ability to help you listen and edit your EVP's. We have provided once such program for you to download in our downloads section.

11. The questions below are designed to get results when doing EVP sessions. It is never appropriate to challenge, threaten, or shout during the session to try to get activity going. Always remain calm and patient when asking questions. Don't forget to give the spirit time to answer your questions as well. We suggest waiting about 30 seconds between asking questions.

Is anyone here with us?
If you are here could you make your presence know?
Can you tell us your name?
Can you tell us how old you are?
Are you from this area?
How did you die?
Can you show yourself to us?

12. How to use your digital video recorder while doing EVP's

Make sure your video camera is on either a tripod or a sturdy surface, with the entire area in view. You and your partner should be standing away from the taped area while taping in order to give the spirit room to manifest itself. Ask your questions and be sure to request the spirit manifest itself, and you should be using your cameras to take snapshots of the area in the same direction your video camera is filming. Make sure shadow casting doesn't occur on your tape as well, by standing off to the side while filming.

13. Reviewing all the evidence you've collected can be a daunting task at times, especially when reviewing EVP's. Make sure your familiar with the audio program we've provided. It has many special features for enhancing sound, so be sure to read through the instructions thoroughly. It will be a major asset to your review. Always make sure before proclaiming anything valid evidence of the paranormal, to get multiple opinions and to rule out ALL possibilities of it being a natural occurrence.

Tagging is very important during review of the evidence. Sessions should always be tagged at the beginning and end. When you start a session you need to say your name, location, time, date, and weather conditions. During the session you need to tag any sounds you make or hear that have a natural explanation so the reviewer of the recording doesn't mistake something for the paranormal. You should also tag the end of a sessions, with your name again, location, and that the session is over.

Note: If your in doubt of your findings, you may always contact us here at Cold Spots, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

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