Saturday, March 5, 2011

Modern Day Ghost Hunting

There are no qualifications for becoming a ghost hunter. Ghost hunters can range from the weekend hobbyist to the semi-professional groups that you may have seen. There is no test to become qualified to ghost hunt, all you need is credible information, simple equipment and the desire to do it. Over the past six years ghost hunting has taken America by storm. Everyday people, without fear of being mocked, are now sharing their paranormal experiences. Scientific methods have also broadened the horizon, making it easier to tell what is real and what isn't. Where in the past the general public would have to rely on sketchy psychics and mediums to confirm their paranormal experience, now that science and mainstream interest have combined those days are over.

Ghost hunting is a relatively recent occupation, only going back a little over 100 years. In the past such would be paranormal investigators used unconventional methods to detect the paranormal, such as ouija boards and dowsing rods. In modern times most ghost hunters investigate using the most high tech equipment available to them. In the past where you would have to take someone's word for it, that an occurrence happened, you now have equipment that can detect and store information on things such as sudden temperature changes, EMF anomalies, and changes in the barometric pressure.
You also have the ability to document visual evidence with video cameras and thermal imaging devices. Today's ghost hunters rely heavily on Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) as a way to document paranormal activity and a great way to communicate with the unknown. Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detectors have also become extremely popular with ghost hunters. This devices ability to detect electromagnetic fields have convinced some ghost hunting organizations, it has the ability to detect ghosts themselves. Most researchers believe when a ghost manifests itself it disturbs the electromagnetic field around it and this detector will register that fluctuation. In recent years it has even been dubbed "the ghost detector" in the paranormal community. However, even with all this high tech equipment you still need a haunted location to hunt, and Cold Spots delivers those locations.

Cold Spots gives you the unique opportunity to brush up on your basic ghost hunting skills allowing you to experience the paranormal first hand. So whether you wish to be a weekend hobbyist or are planning on forming your own group, Cold Spots will help you along the way. We offer a wide range of insightful information, carefully crafted to suit all your ghost hunting needs. We offer 24-7 online support to help you review evidence, how to find the best deals on equipment, and daily updates to easily accessible haunted locations. You've been watching for the last six years as other groups showed you their experiences and findings, now its your turn to enter the hunt.

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