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What is a Residual Haunting?

A residual haunting is a paranormal phenomenon that appears to have no intelligence. The energy will appear at the same time, place, and\or weather conditions as if it is a video being played back by some force of nature. You cannot interact with a residual haunting. A residual haunting's energy will appear completely oblivious to its surroundings and will even walk through objects and walls that weren't there at the time of the "recording".

There are many theories as to how\why these recordings occur. The most common theory is building materials or crystalline deposits acting as a recording device for the energy. Like an analog recording devise uses magnets to capture images and sound and places them on an iron oxide surface. So force seems to allow this to occur naturally, old slate and rusted iron objects seem to be the most commonly seen "recording" materials. Its also believed that the energy manipulating qualities of crystals, such as quartz, can also allow it to act as a "recording" device.

Unlike some other types of haunting's, you have nothing to fear from a residual haunting. Since there is no intelligence a residual haunting cannot harm you and you may observe it at length. The best way to investigate this type of a haunting is a "stake out" method. Where you set up cameras and audio recording devises where the alleged "recording" replays itself. It may take quite a while and more than one trip for you to be there when whatever triggers the event occurs, but it will be well worth your invested time and effort.

What is an Intelligent Haunting?

An intelligent haunting is very different from a residual. The largest difference between the two being, an intelligent haunting can interact with its surroundings. This means they can touch people and move objects. This type of a haunting is usually thought to be the spirit of a once living person and has chosen to let its presence be known. The interaction can range from simple to extreme. Starting with simple knocking or lights flickering that you may not even think is paranormal, to objects disappearing and reappearing in unusual places, to unexplained odors, and in the most extreme cases the appearance of full bodied apparitions.

In most cases the personality of the person in life will be reflected in death. These spirits can be benevolent or mischievous depending on the reason they are haunting a location. There can be many reasons why a spirit is haunting a location, it may have been a place they once lived at, or they may have died there. They can also be attached to a familiar object or loved one. They are also attracted to the living who have the ability to see them, or they could be searching for someone or something, and in other cases they may be unaware they are even dead.

The majority of paranormal activity can occur day or night. Most paranormal investigators lean towards evening research due to the simple fact that the living are less active and the haunting's become easier to notice. Dealing with this type of a haunting can be an unique experience. You must try your best to remain calm during an investigation. Your clients will be looking towards you for help and being unprofessional won't help the situation. Also, be aware that these are human spirits, so religious provocation will have no effect in removing them from a location. Unfortunate, not much can be done to remove them from a location.

What is a Demonic Haunting?

A demonic haunting is a form of an inhuman haunting. They are considered to be strong, smart, and evil supernatural beings. Main stream religion says that these beings were once angels that fell from grace after a tremendous battle over the creation of humanity. Signs of this type of haunting usually start with the same signs of an intelligent or poltergeist haunting, simple banging and knocking and simple noises, but rapidly increase to far stronger activity. They seem to target people under extreme emotional stress, or who have their cognitive abilities impaired by alcohol or drugs. These non-human entities like to take advantage of people in these states, and will torment them to no end.

These beings have the ability to take any form they choose. So trying to identify one can be difficult. They are smart and witty so even realizing you have one on your hands, before it wants you to, is nearly impossible. These creatures are extremely strong as well, in some reported cases people have been thrown around rooms or had objects thrown at them.

Unlike other forms of ghostly activity, however, once you realize you are dealing with a demonic haunting there are steps you can take to rid yourself of the creature. Things like religious provocation (an exorcism) usually work in these cases, or you can try smudging your home. Smudging is a native american ritual where you take a bundle of dried sage, aka a smudge stick, light it on fire, and carry it around your home in hopes of removing evil spirits from the location. If you think you've come in contact with a demonic haunting, PLEASE DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER, leave the location and please contact Cold Spots. We know of a demonologist that can handle these situations. Just give us the name of your client and their phone number and we will contact them and we will help them.

What is a Poltergeist Haunting?

The basic definition for a poltergeist was founded in 1838 in Germany, and it means a disembodied spirit or supernatural force credited with certain malicious or disturbing phenomena. Reports of this phenomena include, unexplainable noises, breaking of household items, windows and doors slamming shut, and also loud rapping. In other cases, poltergeists are also blamed for violent actions throwing large items or setting fire to furniture or the dwelling itself. Keep in mind poltergeists are very unpredictable and when they do occur are most often repetitive. In other events a poltergeist haunting can be connected to a teenager, male or female, who underwent some kind of major trauma in their past. Some spirits will be attracted to the negative energy that person is feeling and displaying. That can allow paranormal experiences to begin. Some groups or families have reported their experiences started with unordinary smells, sounds, and feelings. Cold spots ,that cannot be explained, are also reported in cases such as these.

Pets are also effected in this type of a situation. They can display sudden random movements or unjustifiable sparatic behavior. As time goes on the odd noises can escalate to whispers, laughing, to clear understandable words. Not all spirits will chose to display its actions as mentioned. You can run into a very severe haunting, where a poltergeist is at this highest level of strength. Windows and mirrors may shatter, levitation's of multiple objects can occur, and objects such knives or glass may begin flying with the intent to harm. Being slapped, hair pulling, biting, and even being held down have all been linked to poltergeist activity.

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